5 Things I Wish I Would’ve Known My Freshman Year

October 17, 2016

1. Fitting In Isn’t Important

Like most freshman, I walked into mercy scared to death that I wouldn’t fit in or make any friends (a year later this sounds absolutely ridiculous since I had immediately made plenty..) This (now) stupid fear would lead me into a year of comparing myself to the girls around me and constantly changing who I was in order to “fit in.”
After what felt like the longest and most difficult year of trying to be like everyone else, I learned that being someone else takes more out of you and that I’m much better off exactly how I am. And after all of this if you’re seriously still worried about the whole friend thing, if they’re really your friend, they’ll stick by you and if not, there are plenty of other mercy girls just waiting to be your new best friend.

2. You Don’t Have To Study All Night To Be Successful
If you’re anything like me, theres a pretty good chance that your grades are important to you and your future, so you’ll basically do anything (and everything) you can to make sure they’re where you want them to be. But heres the catch- this doesn’t have to mean making ten million flashcards and staying up until 3am studying them. I mean, sure, you could do that if you really want to, but nine out of ten times you’re just going to end up more tired and frustrated than you were before, so save yourself the trouble and make sure you’re doing what you need to and not so much driving yourself insane.

3. Being a Debby Downer for Pep Rallies and Field Day Won’t Get You Far
To those of you who think its “uncool” to sing for ring day and field day, you’re just plain wrong. I understand that we might sound bad at the moment, but not singing or singing with no enthusiasm really isn’t helping our problem and it’s really adding to it more than anything else. Now, I get that it’s kind of embarrassing to go up there in front of the whole school and then some and sing a little song, but its for sure more embarrassing to have it sound bad because half the class isn’t singing. Plus, if you didn’t know, people around you notice if you aren’t singing and you’ll stick out more if you are the only one not singing, which is most definitely more embarrassing than just singing in the first place.
Bottom line…don’t be that person.

4. Most Friends Aren’t Permanent
If you feel like you’re drifting away from your friends, its normal and not the end of the world. This could mean that maybe a change of scenery (or in this case angle of the café) would be good for you, so give a new lunch table a try. Most people in your class will welcome you with open arms, so don’t be afraid to ask. But really… If not anything else, please just don’t try to change who you are to be more like your friends are.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Try Out New Clubs
If you don’t play sports, like me, finding your niche at a new school might be a little more complicated if you’re not sure exactly what you want to do. If that sounds like you, try heading to a few different club meetings and sitting in to see if it might be for you. Most club meetings are open to non-members and would love to see what you think of what they’re doing. This also applies to steering committee, as well as student council meetings, as they are open to anyone in the class (steering) and anyone in the school (student council.) This makes getting involved in your class/ school leadership an option without participating in stressful elections. This is an easy way to get your voice heard and make sure your ideas get considered.

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