Food Deserts in Baltimore’s Urban Communities

November 8, 2016

According to an article by the Baltimore Sun, one in four Baltimore City residents live in a “food desert.” A food desert is a part of a city or county that has a severe lack of grocery stores that offer fresh fruit, vegetables, and other healthy foods. In these areas, residents often have no access to a car and may live in poverty. The Baltimore City community has a major food desert problem. There is an extreme lack of grocery stores available to residents in Baltimore City, and the problem only gets worse as you get closer to the inner city.

Food deserts largely impact the residents living in them. Food deserts often also come with a surplus of liquor stores in the area. The large scale availability of alcohol in an area can affect the life of children and teens living in the area. The Google Maps screencap below


Baltimore City Residents lack access to fresh, healthy foods and have a surplus access to damaging substances such as alcohol. This disparity most likely affects the life expectancy in these areas. To see the life expectancies of residents in certain Baltimore City Neighborhoods, click here.

There are ways to combat food deserts in Baltimore City. One way is to contact the¬†governor’s office. In Maryland, our Governor is Larry Hogan. To contact his office, go here. Another way to combat the growth of food deserts is to educate others about the problem, not only in Baltimore City, but across the country.


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