12 Days of Waiting

December 16, 2014

        Season’s greetings, seniors! Most of those college applications have already been completed and sent in, but what is there to do now? Christmas break can be a waiting game full of wondering when the acceptance letter from that ONE college will come in the mail. The waiting game can be stressful and nerve wrecking, but it is important to keep your mind away from college-acceptance-letter worries. Don’t know what to do? Well, fret not. The Mercy Shield has come up with twelve things to do while waiting for college acceptance letters!

        1. Read the Shield each day!

The Shield has plenty of articles for you to discover and read! Take some time each day to find one that interests you.

        2. Study for exams

With so much free time, why not get those brain cells in training and begin to study? Thirty minutes each day can help you to remember crucial information for exams.

        3. Decorate the house

To keep yourself busy and distracted, decorate your Christmas tree, hang up your stocking, and set up your nativity scene! It will keep you from looking for the mailman.

        4. Write a letter to Congress

Or, if you are not feeling quite so ambitious, submit a letter to The Shield!

        5. Sleep in ‘til noon

Now that you do not have to wake up at 6:30 am to go to school, treat yourself and sleep in. All of those long hours you spent studying for tests can now be spent relaxing in bed.

        6. Delete college spam

Your inbox is most likely brimming with emails from colleges. Some of your other important emails may be getting lost in the overwhelming jumble. Take some time to delete, delete, delete (and keep Mr. Suznick happy that you have cleaned out your overstuffed mailbox)!

        7. Plan a Christmas Party

Keep yourself busy by planning a Christmas party, then call up your friends. This is a good way to keep your brain occupied and away from the anxiety of waiting.

        8. Bake Christmas cookies

Sugar cookies, snicker doodles, and chocolate chip cookies, Oh My! Chocolate has been proven to relieve stress–keep that in mind.

        9. Practice your tap dance

Tap, tap, tap! Take this time to learn a new hobby. Make up a dance and show it to your family on Christmas!

        10. Wrap Christmas presents

Get creative! Find interesting paper and extravagant bows, and then go to town!

        11. Read the Bible

Or any other long book to keep interested.

        12. Learn to crochet

You will need more layers with this cruel and cold winter approaching. Crocheting your own scarf will give you the freedom to be as fashionable as you want and warm at the same time.

So don’t worry and don’t get caught up in the waiting game. Keep your thoughts positive, your stomach full (with cookies). Exercise (with tap dance or any other kind) and show your Christmas Spirit! The applications are all done and completed, so sit back, relax, and enjoy your break!

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    LucieDec 16, 2014 at 1:22 pm

    This is great!!