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How to stick to your New Years Resolutions

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Guide on How to Stick to Your New Years resolution
By Makaela Tracey
It’s been a while since New Years, and a lot of you may have decided that you want to be a better you this year, and try to stick to your New Years resolution. It’s very easy to make New Years resolutions when you’re excited and looking forward to the New Year. But often times after a few days, your dreams of becoming a better you, or gaining better habits seems impossible. So, for trying to help you stick to your New Years resolutions.
Step one – Setting a good (and realistic) goal
Look at the areas in your life that are going well, and look at the areas that aren’t. Make sure you pick an area that specifically needs improvement. Have you been eating lots of unhealthy food lately? Have you not been getting good grades? Do you want to spend more time focusing on your social life? Pick a resolution or goal that is realistic, and not something that will take too much effort for you to achieve.
Step two  – Write the goals down 
Once you have decided on an achievable and realistic goal, write it down. Not only will this help you remember what your resolution is, but it will make your resolution feel more real to you, rather than just simply thinking it in your head.
Step three –  Focus on one thing at a time
If you have multiple resolutions that you have set, focus on one at a time. It will become increasingly more difficult if you try and focus and accomplish many goals at the same time. If you keep your focus on one thing at a time, it becomes a more manageable and realistic goal for you to achieve. Once you’ve decided on which goal to focus in first, break the process into small, manageable steps that are needed in order for you to achieve your goal.
Step four – Have confidence in yourself
Going into anything and everything you do in your life with confidence is key. If you go into anything with a negative look on it, you can’t expect for anything to get easier for you to do. Have a test that you’re nervous about, for example? Walking into your English class with no confidence in your abilities can make you doubt yourself, which could lead to you second guessing yourself on the test, and eventually ending up not doing so well. Don’t stress yourself out. If you have confidence, it should be easy to achieve your goals.
Step five – Check your progress and revise if needed 
Breaking your resolution into small steps can help you check your progress. You can go back to see what you’ve been doing right and wrong in the next couple of weeks. Maybe your resolution is to eat less junk food. You could keep track of your progress by making a food log, and recording how many healthy snacks you have eaten everyday.
Hopefully these steps can help you stick to, and achieve your resolutions! I wish you all the best of luck.


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How to stick to your New Years Resolutions